About My Life

I want my first blog post to be a small story about what has happened in my life. I think for readers of a personal blog, it’s important to know a little bit about the person you are reading about…so here we go!

As the oldest of 3 daughters, I grew up being the stereotypical “oldest child.” I was bossy, assertive, protective, anxious, and a perfectionist. I wanted things done a certain way, and quickly learned that if I wanted things done my way, I would just have to do them myself. I also was very protective of my sisters and did my best to help avoid them getting into trouble. Which often meant that I did their chores for them or whatever else was specifically asked of them to do because I didn’t want them to be in trouble. Now that I am a mom myself, I have learned that this approach isn’t the best since I want each of my kids to know how to be well-rounded adults.

During my teen years, most specifically in high school, I hit a rebellious stage. I feel most teens do, but being the oldest in my family, this was brand new territory. Especially because of who my parents are. (I’ll get into that in another post.) Just know that my mom is 100% Greek born first generation in America (My Big Fat Greek Wedding anybody???), and my dad, while he grew up very “American,” has always been an old soul. So when I started rebelling, it kind of through my parents for a loop. Especially because I was a very much a rule follower and I never talked back. While I did always have attitude (my eyerolling skills could win prizes), I knew when to keep quiet around my parents and around other adults. Around my friends, though, I was a very different person. And when I hit high school, I guess I decided I didn’t want to be 2 different people anymore. And until I learned how to handle myself like an adult, I got myself into a LOT of trouble.

By the time I graduated high school in 2007, my parents and I were just co-existing. We always have loved each other, but we didn’t really like each other at this point. I had a boyfriend (now husband) who they did not approve of, and I dropped out of college after just one semester. A month after my 19th birthday, in April 2008, I moved out of my parents’ house. I rented a room from the lady who owned the dance studio I grew up dancing at, and I worked a job in retail and then as a receptionist at a hair salon. Within 6-7 months of living on my own, my boyfriend (husband) and I moved in together…both 19 and both very young. When I moved out of my parents’ house, our relationship got even rockier, but by the time I moved in with Vince, it was nonexistent. He and I moved in together in November/December 2008. It wasn’t until March of 2011, that our relationship started improving.

You see, my parents hold a strong belief that you should never live with a boyfriend/girlfriend until you are married. I, clearly, didn’t follow this line of thinking, and honestly, I still don’t (again, another topic for another post). But once I got engaged, my parents began to realize that this was serious and not just me rebelling. We started talking more, and they even took the time to get to know Vince, who was no longer the 18 year old punk they once knew. But that he was a hardworking, reliable man who loved their daughter and wanted to take care of her.

The end of 2011 was very hard on my family. One of my uncles in Greece committed suicide. This happened while my papa (dad’s dad) was dying of sepsis. My parents decided it was important for my mom to go to Greece to be with our family. She was only gone one week. During this week, my sweet papa passed away and joined the love of his life, my grandma, in Heaven. A few days after that, my youngest sister was diagnosed with epilepsy at 17 years old. The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 was rough, to say the least, but, I truly believe, that if it weren’t for these events, Vince and I wouldn’t have built the strong relationship with my parents that we have now.

Vince and I were married in November of 2013. My mom and I planned every last detail together and she was even there when I picked out my dress and for all of my fittings. My dad gave me away, and we got to dance to the best song ever!

My life was relatively normal for a young married woman after that . Vince and I welcomed our first baby boy in June of 2015, Dominic. In April of 2017, we welcomed our little girl, Annalise. In January of 2019, our tie breaker was born, our little boy, Ronan. We had 3 kids who were 3.5 years old and under, and we didn’t think life could get any crazier….but then Vince looked at me one day and the saying, “Here, hold my beer” took on a whole new meaning for me……

My mom & her 3 girls on Christmas Day 2019 (L-R: me, mom (Denise), sister (Alysa), sister (Jennifer)
My dad & his 3 girls Christmas Day 2019 (L-R: me, dad (Dan), Alysa & Jennifer)
Vince & I Date Night for his birthday January 2020
Our 3 babies ready for church January 2020 (L-R: Dominic-4.5 y/o, Ronan-12 months, Annalise-2.5 y/o)
Most recent family pic! Just after a birthday parade for Dominic (thank you corona) May 31, 2020

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