Please, People, Just Stop!

I literally cannot take it anymore! I am TIRED of people telling other people what they should do, when they should do it, why they should do it, how they should do it, etc. Who died and made you boss of somebody else’s life? Who told you that your thoughts and feelings on a matter are the ONLY ones that matter? N O B O D Y! That’s who.

Listen people, let me make this perfectly clear to you all….I am not now nor ever going to get tested for Covid-19. Not even *if* I get sick. There is absolutely ZERO reasoning to do it. It’s been said that the majority of people who get sick are showing symptoms between days 2-5 of exposure and, the minority show symptoms no later than day 10. It’s also been said that there is no need to quarantine 14 days or to get multiple tests to prove you’re negative. You are “free” to move about your business 24-48 hours after your symptoms are gone. Hmmmmm sound like something else we know???? And they are saying that asymptomatic people do not spread it as easily as once thought.

I also want to say that I am not going to live my life in a bubble forever because you are afraid. I wear the masks, for now, but I promise you, I won’t be doing it much longer. I’m also not going to get a vaccine for this. I don’t get a flu shot either….sue me. I am pro-vaccines, but I do not believe in a vaccine that I need to get YEARLY to protect myself from a fever. It’s not worth it to me. I do think the vaccines we get as babies are mostly important. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t argue pro-vaccine topics (aside from the flu shot), but that ends now.

I’m tired of all the judging and the demanding. I will NOT get tested. I will NOT wear a mask and live in a bubble forever. I will NOT get this vaccine nor the flu vaccine until I feel they are vastly successful. I will NOT stop living my life due to your fear. I will NOT teach my children that masks are a part of life or that social distancing is a “thing.” And, I absolutely WILL not allow you to make me feel badly for my decisions.

If YOU want to do all of those things, DO IT! I will not judge you or demand that you live life the way I see fit! That is not my job to make those decisions for you and your family, just as it is not your job to make those decisions for me and my family! YOU DO YOU, BOO!

And this applies to ALL aspects of life!!!!!

This is far too accurate! We need to grow back bones again people!
I don’t *want* to lose any friends, but I will also not conform my thoughts and feelings because *you* want me to. Everybody, including YOU, is entitled to their opinion. E V E R Y B O D Y !

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