It’s Been Awhile….

While life has continued to be turned upside down and inside out, I’ve been insanely busy trying to get things back to NORMAL for my kids. I’ve also been trying to help them get through some of their struggles with what life has been throwing at all of us in good, ol’ 2020! Here are some examples for you:

1.) My husband and I had to figure out how to send our daughter to preschool while now having to pay for Kindergarten for our oldest because he NEEDS to be at school 5 days per week…not this remote/hybrid bull shit…FACE TO FACE 5 DAYS PER WEEK! We were only expecting to have to pay 1 tuition for school this year (preschool), but due to the fact people fear for their lives in a school setting (but only certain schools), we now have to pay for preschool AND kindergarten. And you know what…this was the BEST damn decision ww’ve ever made as parents. Our boy, who is shy and nervous, is LOVING being at school and actually was upset to have a 3 day weekend this weekend.

2.) Our youngest son (1.5 years old) recently started (Zoom) Speech Therapy classes once a week. He was behind in his development for speech due to the fact that he had a lot of ENT issues the first year of his life. In January 2020, he had tubes put in his ears, his adenoids removed, as well as his tonsils removed. We were told there could be some speech delay because of those things and the issues they caused….and they were right. (Feel free to reach out to ask about how we came to the conclusion he needed such invasive surgery at 12 months old.)

3.) Our daughter also needs speech therapy, but due to a speech impediment. She has a very significant lisp and is getting to the point that she is getting frustrated with it because she can hear she says things differently, and because people have a difficult time understanding her. The program (AKA our local school district) we were going to have her evaluated with told ME I had to fill out paperwork that would be mailed to my house to see if she qualified….uhhhhhhh……WHAT?! So, instead of waiting to get my sweet girl help that she needed and wanted, this Mama Bear went on a rampage to find a speech therapist who actually took the time to EVALUATE and LISTEN to my daughter speak. HALLELUJAH! Now, she is in speech therapy 1 day a week as well!

4.) Our oldest, who is a very shy and anxious boy, since birth, has not done well with the whole transition to Covid lockdown and then the extremely slow transition back out of lockdown. Because of these anxiety and nervous issues, we have decided to get him some help as well. In the meantime, as my very social daughter awaits her day to start preschool and go back to ballet classes, we’ve noticed the anxiety for her manifesting itself in a different way….she is unknowingly scratching herself to pick at scabs. And if you think I’m kidding even a little bit….you’d be sadly mistaken.

5.) On top of ALL of that, my husband is working over 75ish hours per week, I’m doing the parenting stuff *mostly* alone (my husband DOES want to be able to help more, he’s just not around much with work), my family has lost an INSANE amount of people this year (by lost I mean they passed away…and I’m talking more than 10 people since January…and NO not due to Covid), my dad is up for re-election this year (during probably the WORST election year ever!), we have other family “drama” going on (cancer diagnoses for family members, job losses for family members, health issues, etc), riots, looting, fires, division between our countrymen, and of course, the piece de resistance…..drum roll please…..COVID!

Guys, I’m OVER IT! I’m tapping out. I’m waving my white flag. I’m DONE! I honestly don’t know how I can keep seeing the MESS that is EVERYBODY’S life right now…NOT jus my own, or my family members/friends….but every single person. This crap is DISGUSTING. We have the media reporting falsities and it’s happening on all sides! We have them NOT reporting things that actually matter, like the rescuing of children from sex trafficking rings or suicide cases and depression going up. We have family and friends NOT speaking to each other because of their OPINIONS! We have fires and riots and looting happening in cities ACROSS our country. We have people BLAMING the police and hating them. We hav straight up division. And I’m over it!

Get off your high horse. Realize that your opinion is NOT the only opinion, nor is it the only right opinion (and YES I do know this applies to me too). And start acting like civilized, decent, kind, loving, and thoughtful people! WE ARE ALL HUMAN! THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE…THE HUMAN RACE! Stop acting like spoiled, rotten, entitled BRATS, and start acting like the ADULTS you are!!!!!!

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