Quotes and Memes

I swear kids have a 6th sense!
Something I think ALL Americans should remember no matter what is happening in the country or in the world.
I have told my husband I will probably always buy baby wipes even after we have no more actual babies.
Proud To Be An American By: Lee Greenwood
The life of any mom….especially a stay-at-home mom.
It sure does!
One can only hope.
I very strongly believe this is true.
I know I’m not the only one……
Oh, how true this is. The best way to repay them is to never let what they fought and died for go to waste or unnoticed.
So true.
I always think this when I see a waving flag.
I definitely do…and I thank her & apologize to her regularly.
Unfortunately, this seems to be very true in 2020.
How sweet!
God Bless the U.S.A.
This applies to so many more people than just moms, but I’m giving moms a little shout out for this one!
The entire purpose of voting for *elected* officials.
This prayer holds a special place in my heart. Love my firefighter!
I’m not the best Volley-Wife, but I’m learning and trying hard to be a good one.
This is becoming frighteningly accurate.
I agree with this, especially now.
It all stems from the home.
Entitlement is poisonous.
I told you I was blunt & unfiltered….
Life definitely isn’t fair…and nobody said it would be.
100% YES!
We absolutely need to relearn this. The best way to do that is to teach our children this at home first.
I didn’t always think like this, but with age comes wisdom.
I feel like this is the anthem for 2020 I may even be guilty of this, and I’m big enough to admit it and try to fix it.
My fear is that if we don’t change this in ourselves, our children won’t even know it’s entitlement.
If there was a parenting handbook, this should be an entire chapter.
I think people *think* they know how to be honest, but really, they are lying to themselves and they don’t even know it.
Take a minute and really think about this one…
I’ve always thought a hypocrite is also a liar…
Sooner or later…your lies will catch up with you. The truth always finds its way out. Secretly, everybody knows this…
A hypocrite is always a liar, but a liar isn’t always a hypocrite.
Children learn how to become adults at home. We, as parents, need to be more concerned with what happens at home than with what happens in other homes…including the White House.
This is far too accurate! We need to grow back bones again people!
I don’t *want* to lose any friends, but I will also not conform my thoughts and feelings because *you* want me to. Everybody, including YOU, is entitled to their opinion. E V E R Y B O D Y !